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03 September 2016


With the rapid growth of Deep Catch, consequently came an increase in the number of staff, the Team. In a small company its relatively easy for its leaders to personally keep track and develop each individual member, but this ideal becomes difficult to uphold as the company expands. Paying individual attention to staff in a large company becomes an almost impossible feat, and inevitably some staff slip through the cracks and before you know it, the spirit of a family business, of which Deep Catch was founded, is lost.

In an endeavour to uphold the spirit of Deep Catch, they decided to implement training and develop individuals in an effort to find ways of bringing about team work in a collaborative and caring environment. They turned to Belinda Baker from Belinda Baker Consulting. Belinda has studied extensively brain psychology and researched the latest developments in this field using scientifically proven techniques such as NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), as well as Belief Change Science and EQ Coaching to develop her holistic training programmes. With her many years of experience in the field, Deep Catch thought Belinda Baker would fit the company perfectly.

Besides basic life skills, a Total Quality Management Process (TQM) is being developed and implemented in Deep Catch thanks to Belinda. The TQM is built on the values of leadership, joint problem solving, trust, communication, and commitment to doing things right, first time. Empowered employees are equipped, trained and encouraged to participate and make meaningful contribution at all levels through a team approach. Opportunities for improvement are continuously identified and acted upon at branch level and benchmarking and sharing of that practice are encouraged.

The training introduces skills on effective communication, sharing and embracing common values and ground rules (which become the culture), what commitment is (without which the process will not be fully realised), and teamwork (what it is and why is is critical not only for individual growth but to reach the common goal).

Currently about ten coaches at Deep Catch are being mentored, trained with skills to run the program and bring the team together. Further exciting team building events are planned for the future, on an ongoing basis. The ultimate goal is one of happiness, a sense of belonging, and therefore improved performance by all.

“Develop a confident and self motivated team of employees”


If you’d like to find out more about Deep Catch’s brilliant Team Building coach, go to Belinda’s website:



12 November 2013

Present BB, LG, DT, AM, CK, IA, MVN, GC

3 levels staff training has been duly completed  | 28-29 Sept/19-20 Oct/9-10Nov

All felt that the mood throughout the workplace was generally more positive.

In order to continue the initiative, COACHES were identified within the workplace to motivate their peers and drive the SERVICE EXCELLENCE objectives. These COACHES were identified as current supervisors in positions where they could develop into future leaders.

BB will train the COACHES in the first quarter of next year to equip them with the skills to execute their tasks.

Notice boards to be erected for team communication, company organogram, motivational posters, newsletters and general announcements.

Coaches to be announced at year end awards function.



Anna Marie Beukes


  • Behan van Niekerk
  • Gretchen Cloete
  • Ilse Avera
  • Thomas Nangolob
  • Martin Nangolo
  • Victor Bamton
  • Adwin Duncan
  • Aletta Dauth


Develop a confident and self motivated team of employees

To inspire enterprising problem solving and kindle creativity

To promote communication and encourage integrity

Support a philosophy where errors are turned into opportunities for improvement

Acknowledge effort, work ethic and diligence and recognize and reward success